Year-long Research Study Proves Atomic Learning Impacts Student Success

The Challenge of Modeling 21st Century Learning
A Complimentary White Paper

Today's students are different. Today's world is different. The changes suggest a very different role for schools and teachers.

The research is clear. Students achieve more when taught by teachers that receive technology training.

Based on findings by Atomic Learning's partner, SEG Measurement, this free resource discusses the importance of professional development in helping teachers effectively use technology in their teaching and the challenges of providing technology training for teachers.

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A Study of the Impact of the Atomic Learning Professional Development Solution on Student Achievement
Full Research Study Results

Everyone seems to say that technology engages students and, in turn, engagement improves achievement. At Atomic Learning, we wanted proof.

SEG Measurement, a recognized education research firm and Atomic Learning partner, completed a thorough analysis of the impact of teacher technology integration training on student achievement.

The results? Students achieve significantly more when taught by teachers who utilized Atomic Learning's professional development solution.

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