Why is Assistive Technology Important?

Meeting the needs of all students, including those with special needs, is not just a feel-good goal of educators in the US. It is a legal requirement, and failing to provide a free and adequate public education can end up costing your school. After nearly 30 years, Baltimore is finally settling a lawsuit over special education services.

Since 1984, the district has been working on improving their special education program. After many failures, the probationary period ended. Education Week has a great article on what happened in Baltimore if you would like to read about the details of the case.

As we kick off National Disabilities Awareness Month, Atomic Learning reminds you that we can help you with your special education training needs. Atomic Assist can help special and general education teachers learn more about assistive technology in the classroom. Parents, paraprofessionals and students can also learn more about how to use assistive technology products or assistive technology features on tools like the iPad or Microsoft Office. 

Every educator impacts students, but are they able to effectively reach ALL their students? Anyone working with students with disabilities who fails to provide accessible instruction and materials is inadvertently building barriers to learning.

Join Atomic Learning as we take the Accessible Instruction Pledge.


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