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Summer Session 2017
Back by popular demand, our Summer Session email series. Keep learning throughout the summer months with FREE professional development sent right to your inbox!
Sign-up Now! Learning: Minecraft in the Classroom
Ready to see what all the fuss is about when in comes to #GBL? (That's game-based learning for all you non-tweeters.) Harness students' love of Minecraft with this in-depth learning module on Minecraft in the Classroom by guru Garrett Zimmer, a Certified Minecraft Trainer, GBL Designer, and co-founder of the #MinecraftEDU twitter chat. Strategies - NEW!
Critical thinking and research skills are both integral to students long-term success. This new Questioning Strategies course focuses on using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and Gallagher’s & Ascher’s Questioning Taxonomy to generate questions that encourage students to think critically, research effectively, direct their own learning, and spark ideas.

Making Sense of Educational DataMaking Sense of Educational Data
We've all heard about data-driven decisions, but what does that mean? Created by the data gurus at Hoonuit by Atomic Learning's sister company Versifit Technologies, this online course provides educators with ideas for making sense of common types of educational data to help them make informed decisions in the classroom. Special Populations: Strategies for ELL Instruction
Did you know that English Language Learners, or ELLs, are the fastest growing segment in our schools today, yet their graduation rates are significantly behind that of their peers? This new learning module serves as your go-to guide for responding to the unique needs of these students using research-based strategies. in the Classroom
Have you tried Nearpod? A powerful presentation, assessment, and collaboration tool for the classroom, Nearpod allows teachers to utilize interactive slides to interact with students during the lesson and get real-time feedback. In this new learning module, you will learn everything from creating an account to using more advanced features like VR field trips!

Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Training
Ready to take your skills using Adobe creative software to the next level? We're updating all of our Adobe trainings to the latest version—Creative Cloud 2017. If you're Interested in taking a peek, be sure to check out these great new courses on Photoshop CC 2017 Basics and Advanced features to start with.

A New Approach to Professsional Development
Hoonuit (pronounced "Who knew it?") is the new face of Atomic Learning, and represents our revolutionary new approach to personalizing professional learning via our outcome-based learning model—LearnIt. DoIt. ShareIt. ProveIt. Here's a quick overview video.

A Focus on School Safety - Personal Safety Awareness Program
Empower individuals to take ownership of their safety—now, in college, and beyond—with specialized online resources focused on helping learners trust their instincts, increase their observation skills, and develop an action plan for facing potential threats. Ensure your students have the skills they need to stay safe with Real World Safety courses.

Coming Soon

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  • InDesign CC 2017 - Basic
  • InDesign CC 2017 - Advanced
  • Illustrator CC 2017 - Advanced
  • Photoshop Elements CC 2017
  • It Takes a Village: Partnering with Parents
  • Mobile Moviemaking
  • Communicating with Teens
  • Qualtrics
  • Internships and Networking

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