What School Leaders Can Learn from Others' Missteps

A recent article by eSchool News shared stories of districts putting the brakes on their mobile initiatives because of poor planning or lack of teacher training marring the success of iPad implementations.

For any new program to work, teachers need professional development and technical support...


The article discusses challenges the schools have faced, but that these districts haven't given up on the iPad initiatives, either. Results of a study showed improvement in students' success with the use of the tablets.

“In the classrooms we observed, the teachers who used the iPads well had better student outcomes,” ...That means students’ time on task improved, and teachers were able to provide more individualized instruction.”

While this all may sound quite daunting, it's important to listen to your teachers, and Atomic Learning can help. Check out our recent eBook entitled "From Inspiration to Implementation" to get your mobile initiative started on the right foot today.

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