What is a Learning Disability?

Education Week posted a blog highlighting the confusion surrounding learning disabilities as found by a survey from the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Key findings included:

  • Forty-three percent of Americans incorrectly think that learning disabilities are correlated with IQ.
  • Twenty-two percent incorrectly believe learning disabilities can be caused by too much screen time; 31 percent believe a cause is poor diet; and 24 percent believe childhood vaccinations can be blamed.
  • More than 66 percent of parents want more information about learning disabilities than schools currently provide.
  • Thirty percent admitted to making casual jokes about having a learning disability when someone makes a reading, writing or mathematical mistake.

The findings of this report clearly show that the public is ill-informed as to the needs of special education students. Providing a free and adequate public education to students whose parents need to be educated on the disability itself can be a real challenge.

Atomic Learning can help bridge that gap with the Atomic Assistsolution. Atomic Assist helps special and general education teachers learn more about assistive technology in the classroom. Parents, paraprofessionals and students can also learn more about how to use assistive technology products or assistive technology features on tools like the iPad or Microsoft Officesoftware.

Every educator impacts students, but are they able to effectively reach ALL their students? Anyone working with students with disabilities who fails to provide accessible instruction and materials is inadvertently building barriers to learning.

Join Atomic Learning as we take the Accessible Instruction Pledge.

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