What Can Google Chrome Extensions do for You? - Guest Blog Post

Who better to speak to using Google Chrome Extensions than the eLearning Contributor who developed the training workshop herself?

Guest Blog Post by Stacci Barganz, eLearning Contributor

If you are new to Google Chrome Extensions, you are in for a TREAT!

In the Google Chrome browser, there are little mini-programs that change the way your browser works to make it do things you want it to do (or stop doing things you don’t want it to do). Ever want the annoying YouTube ads to stop?  AdBlock. Wish you could shorten a URL? Goo.gl URL shortener. Have a student who needs to be able to minimize distractions while reading articles online? Clear.ly.

These extensions are not programs you download onto your computer. Instead, think of them like wearing barrettes in your hair or a watch on your wrist - they improve functionality without changing who you are (well, without changing your computer). They are contained within Google Chrome and most are completely free.

In the Atomic Learning series on Chrome Extensions, you will learn how to find and manage extensions, and you will be introduced to 30 extensions that may be a good fit for you. Take a few minutes (or an hour) and explore this training series to find out what you’ve been missing!

Stacci Barganz is a Google Education Trainer who has a passion for all things EdTech.  She currently works as a GT and AP Coordinator for Fort Atkinson School District in WI.  She is quite active in WEMTA as a Board Member, Program Chair, and Leadership Chair.  She loves to present trainings at conferences, and is excited to be presenting at ISTE for the first time this coming summer.  In her free time, she hangs out with her husband and four children, sings in the shower, and reads historical fiction.  She is currently in training for her second sprint-distance triathlon, and loves anything related to swimming and/or summer.  She has made her own cheese and baklava, and (of course) enjoys creating content for Atomic Learning!

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