What’s a Snowclone? (Making the Case for Lifelong Learning)


If you’ve heard the expression “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” you’ve likely heard, said, or thought a snowclone without realizing it. A snowclone isn’t a life-like sculpture carved into packed snow, but rather the term for applying a common, well-known phrase being adjusted to fit a similar situation. As an example, I, as the author of this post, will be the “old dog” and judging from the blank expression on my face when I first heard someone reference a snowclone, the phrase “You can’t teach an old writer new words” would be appropriate.
Why is this relevant?
Because no matter how long you’ve done whatever it is you’re doing: writing, teaching, training, anything—you don’t know it all. In fact you CAN (and should) learn some “new tricks”. That’s the basic premise behind lifelong learning. Evolved from a concept created by Leslie Watkins, lifelong learning in its most basic definition is that learning is not only for children in school, but for everyone, everywhere.
Take a moment to learn a “new trick” today. And, if your trick involves learning the whathow or why of technology, Atomic Learning has an online library of 50,000 plus tutorials to get you started.  Don’t know where to begin? A few of our favorite trainings and workshops are included below to inspire you.

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