Atomic Learning regularly partners with industry leaders and forward-thinking organizations to bring you conversations on education, technology, and how we can help integrate the two. These archived webinars are all free of charge, though some may require simple registration.

Transform School Culture with Angela Maiers (August 2015)
How can a school leader truly make a difference? With experienced educator and renowned speaker Angela Maiers as a guide, this discussion will help spark important conversations about how you impact learning, digital literacy, and 21st Century Skills at your school.

Minecraft in the Classroom (April 2015)
Have you been curious about how Minecraft can be used in the classroom? Listen in on this webinar to experience Craft-Academy, a project-based model for using Minecraft in the classroom. Built for teachers, by teachers and students, Craft-Academy is the easiest way to implement Minecraft into your curriculum, and can work for any subject. In this webinar, you'll get an overview of Craft-Academy and its project templates.

Creating a Clear District Vision for Your Tech Initiative (March 2015)
Learn how to redefine and rebuild your district’s vision and plan for integrating technology to shape and ensure a solid foundation for instruction and technology that is learner-centered.

Building Teacher Technology Competencies (March 2015)
You want your teachers to use technology to teach, but how do they learn what to do? Learn how Mineral Wells ISD is transforming their classrooms by challenging teachers with projects that integrate technology at all levels through the iRam program they've put in place and how it can be replicated in your district.

Ensuring Your Tech Plan is a Learning Plan (December 2014)
Has your district invested in technology, perhaps a 1 to 1 initiative, but you're starting to question if it's truly driving change?  Do you wonder if you should even continue investing in technology? Listen as a Superintendent and his team share how they went from asking themselves if their tech initiative was just a waste of money to determining if it was truly improving learning and what they learned.

Flipping For Professional Learning (October 2014)
Flipped learning is gaining popularity in the classroom. But what about with professional development? Learn from Steven W. Anderson (a learner, blogger, speaker, educational evangelist, and Dad. If you aren't already, why not? you can follow him on twitter at @web20classroom) the various ways you can apply the flipping methodology to meetings to provide more professional learning time in your school and district.

Differentiating Professional Development in your District (August 2014)
Learn as Ashley Hurley, Professional Development Specialist at Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools shares tips for differentiating PD for all stages of the tech adoption curve. You'll look at your PD plans in a whole new light!

Flipping the Classroom: What? Why? and How? (February 2014)
Most educators are familiar with the term flipped classroom, and many are using the method with success. Learn exactly what flipping the classroom is and why everyone's talking about it in this webinar. Atomic Learning's Susan Williams shares her perspective of the What? Why? and How? about flipping the classroom and how you can put it to practice in your classroom.

Education Eavesdrop: Why School Leaders Should Know About the Maker Movement (February 2014)
Listen in on our conversation with Sylvia Martinez, author of "Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom," often referred to as "the bible of the Maker Movement in schools." In this webinar, Sylvia shares her passion for learning through the Maker Movement: what it is, what it looks like in action, and how it impacts student learning.

Help, My Students All Have iPads, Now What? (December 2012)
Listen as presenter, technology teacher Brad Flickinger shares how his students at Bethke Elementary in Timnath, CO use iPads in his lessons.

Custom Training Best Practices (May 2012)
Atomic Learning customers share how they're leveraging the Custom Training feature in their districts.

21st Century Skills: What do they look like?
Watch an online presentation by Brad Flickinger, technology teacher at Bethke Elementary School in Timnath, Colorado, as he shares the tools he's used to introduce 21st Century Skills to his students and the impact he has seen.

Providing District-Wide Online Professional Development (May 23, 2012)
Brooke Trisler, Director of Educational Technology at Renton School District (Renton, WA), participated in an online discussion on how his district uses a single, simple online training solution to bring over 700 teachers up-to-speed on relevant classroom technologies while supporting efforts to fulfill district effective technology integration goals. Learn how Trisler researched and evaluated professional development solutions and the measured impact Atomic Learning’s online, just-in-time, professional development solution has had on the district.

Panel Discussion: Aligning Curriculum and Technology (March 29, 2012)
Aligning curriculum and technology successfully requires strong cross-departmental communication. Watch our online panel discussion on Aligning Curriculum and Technology to hear the successes and challenges two districts have experienced and the solutions they've found to bridge the gap.

Technology Integration with a District-Wide Purpose in Pasco County (January 2012)
View this free Webinar to hear how Diane Johnson’s students at Seven Springs Middle School are integrating technology knowledge gained from Atomic Learning to serve their peers. All students at Seven Springs Middle School in Pasco County, FL benefit from the lessons taught in Diane Johnson’s iMedia class, not just her students. In this Learn and Serve class, students learn how to use all of the applications in the iLife Suite, plus Comic Life. By applying concepts from Atomic Learning tutorials, students prepare comics demonstrating a rule or procedure for a teacher’s classroom or prepare an intro for the school’s daily news program, empowering their learning to touch all students.

Tech Integration Best Practices: A Fireside Chat (December 1, 2011)
Grab a cup of java, snuggle in, and listen to the discussion. This 30-minute web-meeting includes interviews with two seasoned ed tech veterans from Atomic Learning. Hear best practices from their work with educators across the country (and around the globe) to implement tech integration programs.