Using Skype in the Classroom #skype #edtech #elearning

A recent headline cross-posted on Tech&Learning caught my attention. It's amazing how technology--when used effectively--can create so much opportunity for collaboration in the classroom. WI educator Pernille Ripp sums up how she is effectively using Skype in her classroom with this statement:

Skype simply makes what we are doing better.  It gives us audiences, authors, experts.  It connects us with places around the world and gives my students a way to change the world.

Students speak to author Adam Gidwitz.

Check out Ripp's blog, specifically the A Few Ideas for Using Skype in the Classroom article to spark this same collaboration in your classroom. Looking for more inspiration? Log in and check out the Atomic Learning training: Skype in the Classroom and Mystery Skype. Not a subscriber? Learn more.

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