Using Evernote in Instruction - Guest Blog Post

Who better to speak to the topic of Using Evernote in Instruction than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series herself?

Guest Blog Post by Liz Van Kleeck, eLearning Contributor

Evernote is a suite of applications and services for note-taking and archiving. It’s perfect for students and teachers--since the Basic level is free--it’s Web-based, and it automatically synchronizes across all of your devices, including PC and Mac laptops and desktops, iOS and android smartphones and tablets, and on the Web.

Need to keep track of everything involved with a home improvement project, including drawings, photos, receipts, and contracts? Evernote’s free app, Scannable, can do that. Or save research with Evernote’s Web Clipper, and upload photos and audio files to a shared notebook for a group project. Organize your notes with notebooks, stacks, and tags, and use shortcuts and reminders to find notes quickly when you need them. Share notes over social media, or collaborate with colleagues in real time with Work Chat.

Teachers can use Evernote inside and outside the classroom to organize their courses and communicate with students; and students can take notes in class on a mobile device, chat with teachers about online portfolios and projects, and easily do group work online.

Evernote is the “Workspace for Your Life’s Work.” Take a look at the new series here.

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Liz Van Kleeck has developed learning objects in video and text format for 16 years on topics including Adobe Connect, Microsoft Office, Blackboard, and Sakai. As an educational technologist at Loyola University Chicago, Liz planned, designed, coordinated, and delivered an online, on-demand Technical Competencies Instructional Technologies curriculum for faculty, students, and staff. In addition, Liz developed and taught three levels of online and on-ground faculty development workshops in Adobe Connect web conferencing, as well as faculty workshops in Digital Multimedia and Podcasting.

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