The Five Habits of Creative Teachers via @educationweek

An article on Education Week Teacher outlined some different ways to provide teacher professional development in attempt to add variety and creativity, because as it reads: "Traditionally professional development in education has been relegated to a couple hours sandwiched between an early dismissal and a volleyball tournament, or a one-day whirlwind of information."

The authors share what they learned from participating in a global MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) on the topic. Carrying their enthusiasm and passion for creativity in education on beyond the course, they developed their own MOOC called "5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers," offering "something innovative in the world of professional development: advice on building awareness and a creative mindset (versus focusing on a specific skill or tool)."

Based on reflections from the course, 5 habits evolved:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Remix: Copy, Transform, and Combine
  3. Finding Your Tribe
  4. Failing and Thriving
  5. Reflection

To read the full article, and learn more about these 5 Habits, visit Education Week Teacher.

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