Tech Solutions for Students with Autism - Guest Blog Post #sped

Who better to speak to the topic of Tech Solutions for Students with Autism than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series himself?

Guest Blog Post by Sam Hostetler, eLearning Contributor

I have searched the web for “autism” and “apps”, and found myself overwhelmed with thousands of options, the vast majority not applicable to my classroom. As a secondary special education teacher, I often feel that most technology tools for autism are either focused on very young students or students with more significant needs. This leaves many students with mild to moderate autism out of luck. A new course I've developed for Atomic Learning focuses on tools that will benefit an often neglected group--secondary students with mild to moderate autism. You're welcome! I’ve gone through all the clutter so you don’t have to!

Because autism is a spectrum disorder, each tool might not benefit the students you’re working with. However, there should be something for nearly all students with autism in this training. The course focuses on students who need some help organizing their lives, communicating, and accessing mainstream curriculum. Many autism tools are very expensive. This series will focus on more affordable options, with an emphasis on apps that are free or cost less than $5. We also look at tools teachers can use to manage their classes, work one-on-one with students, and apps that students can use independently to make the web more accessible and friendly.

Why wait? Check out the Tech Solutions for Students with Autism course, where you will learn about affordable and easily accessible tools to support middle and secondary students on the Autism Spectrum. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information.

Sam Hostetler is a Setting 2 and 3 Special Education teacher for Bloomington Public Schools in Minnesota with a passion for technology. A TIES 2014 Exceptional Teacher, he enjoys spreading his enthusiasm for learning and technology to others.

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