Tech Solutions for Students with #Autism, #Dysgraphia, #Dyslexia

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 6.4 million children and youth in the United States receive special education services—approximately 13% of all public school students.

NCES statistics also show that of the affected students, 35% have a specific learning disability, and another 8% are autistic. (View source

To help schools and districts in supporting the needs of all learners, Atomic Learning has developed specialized online learning resources on a variety of topics, including courses on tech solutions for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and autism, which are highlighted below.

In addition, Atomic Learning provides additional resources focused on assistive technology tools and accessibility features of commonly used software and systems such as Microsoft® Office, Apple® iPad™, Windows® and Mac OS.


Tech for Students with Autism
Learn about  tools to support students on the Autism Spectrum. Focused on students with mild to moderate needs who need some support in accessing the mainstream curriculum, this course includes tools for students to practice social skills, for teachers to assess behavior, and much more.

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Tech for Students with Dysgraphia
Interested in learning how to support students with Dysgraphia, a learning disability that affects the writing process? This online course focuses on research-based strategies to support students, and outlines multiple technologies that can be utilized in the classroom to support students.

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Tech for Students with Dyslexia
This online course describes how to best support students with dyslexia in the classroom and in the community. We'll discuss research-backed best practices when working with students with dyslexia, and go over some of the latest and greatest tech tools that can be used to effectively support these students.

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Whether you're looking to support students with special needs in a general education setting or providing specialized education services, Atomic Learning is here to help! Interested in exploring available learning resources for supporting students with special needs? Check them out here.

(If you are an Atomic Learning customer, access to these resources will depend on your school or district's subscription level.)

To learn more about accessing these courses, contact Atomic Learning today.

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