Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities - Guest Blog Post #sped

Who better to speak to the topic of Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series himself?

Guest Blog Post by Sam Hostetler, eLearning Contributor

When I was first given a cart full of Chromebooks for my secondary setting 2 and 3 Special Education program, I felt two things: excitement and terror. I knew that these devices could potentially be game changers for my students, allowing them to excel in my classroom and in their mainstream classes. However, I felt scared because I was not sure if my students would be able to access everything the web has to offer because of their disabilities. I work with students with multiple learning disabilities. Many of these high school students are considered non-readers.  These students often have additional needs such as ADHD. On top of that, nearly all of my students struggled with organization and time management. I thought “how can I possibly let my students online into such an overwhelming and chaotic environment?”.

Well, after many trials and tribulations, I learned a few things. I learned that there are multiple free tools out there that can help students organize their digital lives and make the web work for them. I found tools that can keep track of assignments, tools that read text to students and tools for eliminating distractions.

In the Atomic Learning series Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities, you will learn about Google Chrome extensions, websites,and apps that are tried and true for students with learning disabilities. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information.

Sam Hostetler is a Setting 2 and 3 Special Education teacher for Bloomington Public Schools in Minnesota with a passion for technology. A TIES 2014 Exceptional Teacher, he enjoys spreading his enthusiasm for learning and technology to others.

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