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3 Tips for Becoming an "EdTech Ninja" this Summer

If you are a teacher (or work closely with them), it's no secret that summer isn't necessarily about rest and relaxation. In fact many educators spend the summer catching up on the latest and greatest teaching strategies and technology—recharging and getting energized for the following school year.

A recent article highlighted several ways that teachers could "become an edtech ninja". Here's a few of our favorites from the list, as well as a couple of our own!

  1. Attend a Conference
    In the words of @jmattmiller "The beauty of a summer conference is time to reflect and act. School-year conferences are usually followed the next day with getting back to business as usual with no time to implement what was learned."

    Of course, depending on where you live, the options vary. One of the biggest is ISTE 2015—June 28th through July 1st in Philadelphia—if you can't make it, you can always follow #ISTE2015 on Twitter.

    (If you ARE planning to attend and want to chat, drop us a note!)
  2. Get Connected
    There are a huge variety of ways to digitally connect with peers and thought leaders today—among the most popular are Twitter and Pinterest. If you're new to one or both, Atomic Learning's training for both is available here.

    Already have some experience under your belt? Be sure to check out this Weekly Twitter Chat List!
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Summer Professional Development Series: Effective Online Teaching and Learning

Are you new to online teaching, or are you looking to flip your classroom? Or maybe you just want to add online discussions to provide deeper learning opportunities for your students. Successfully transitioning from a brick and mortar class to an online or blended learning environment is challenging. It goes beyond understanding new tools, (though that's important, too).

Summer Professional Development Series: Internet Safety

As technology continues to evolve, the risks to children online evolve as well. What does this mean? Parents and educators need to stay up-to-date with dangers children face online. Whether it’s exposure to strangers on gaming systems, on social networking sites, or on mobile devices, we need to know these dangers and what actions to take in order to prevent them.

Summer Professional Development Series: Searching for, Evaluating and Using Web Resources in Your Classroom

The internet has given us a lot of information, both good and bad. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start! Atomic Learning has assembled a collection of resources to make it easier for educators and students to determine which resources are best in the Training Spotlight: Searching for, Evaluating and Using Web Resources in Your Classroom.

Summer Professional Development Series: Creating Engaging Presentations

Have you ever sat through a lecture bored to tears? Or have you sat through student presentations that consisted of them reading off a wall of text on a slide? Considered flipping your classroom but don't really know where to start when it comes to producing video? Be it in person, in a vodcast or a podcast, making sure the audience is engaged is the key to success.

Summer Professional Development Series: Classroom Projects

For this edition of Summer PD Tips, I asked my friend, Kim, a second grade teacher, what she would most like to learn about this summer. When I initially asked the question, it was "what application would you like to learn more about?" She couldn't come up with an answer, because she really didn't care what technology was going to be used, she was focused on the end result: using technology to teach a standard. 

Looking for Summer Professional Development?

Have you been wanting to learn more about technology integration but had problems finding the time, or confused about where to start? Are you less-than-enthusiastic about boring professional development that doesn't seem related to what's happening in your classroom? Or do you understand the basics of technology integration, but you would like to see new ideas? Let Atomic Learning help!