A Focus on Moving to Distance/Online, Blended, or Flipped Learning

There are a ton of ways to gain professional development when it comes creating online and hybrid courses. Reaching out to other educators that are already teaching online courses is a great place to start. Hoonuit by Atomic Learning may also be an option for you, and our online resources are designed to get on your feet and running with online courses.

See a few examples below:

Online Teaching Strategies

Getting to Know Your LMS

The Best Holiday 'Card' That You'll Get This Year -- Really

In place of a traditional holiday card, we’ve written twelve insightful articles. This is our 3rd annual 12 Days of Learning, and each year we keep making it better and better. Feel free to share this resource out with your teachers and staff. These quick reads cover a variety of topics and are perfect for personal professional development!

To view the articles by clicking the image below or visit: http://www2.atomiclearning.com/12-days-of-learning.

Classroom Courses Featuring Skype® and Coding Added to Training Library #skypeintheclassroom #codingintheclassroom

Did you hear? Atomic Learning recently added training courses featuring Skype® and Mystery Skype® in the Classroom as well as Coding in the Classroom to its training library.

Mystery Skype® is an educational game, invented by teachers, played by two classrooms on Skype®. The aim of the game is to guess the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions.

Educators Connect to Share Wisdom

We have almost concluded Connected Educator Month! Behind ISTE® this is one of my favorite events that the Ed Tech Community sponsors.  It’s at the perfect time of year…I’ve just about calmed down from the chaos of the back to school rush and I am ready to buckle down and start getting to the heart of moving education forward. 

As a classroom teacher, I always felt that October was the month when the real learning began.  Students have figured out how to manage the halls, adjust to the schedule, and where to sit, or not to sit depending on the distractions.  It’s that time when we have started the course and now the real learning has begun.  It’s during this time that I have determined what my students strengths and weaknesses are and I am ready to plunge into some new ideas and see where they take me and all those formative minds that I’m working with for the rest of the year. 

Using technology to connect with your peers is an exciting, yet also, overwhelming task! Do you feel like you couldn’t take it all in? I know the days passed quickly and I’m hoping to find some archived sessions at http://connectededucators.org. They also have a  starter kit, created by Powerful Learning Practice will at help you understand some common terms, and tips for things you can do each day to connect with educators just like you even after the Connected Educator month ends.

It’s never too late to become a Connected Educator and learn about ways to ‘connect’!

Vote to Support Technology-Neutral Lesson Plans for Project-Based Learning

Want help creating lesson plans for project-based learning that are technology-neutral?

Our friends at Connected Consulting partner with schools to create authentic, technology-rich learning environments where all learners are inspired, challenged, engaged, collaborate, and become innovative, self-directed learners. This includes planning and a blended approach to building capacity.

Want to help them fulfill their mission? Vote for this grant.

Share Your Bright Spots - What's Working for You?

If you're ever looking for a truly great book about change, look no further than Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  When I started reading Switch, I was doing so as a professional learning opportunity related to business.  Atomic Learning's entire purpose is really about helping people navigate change as they seek to unleash the power of ever changing technology in their teaching, learning and life.  Therefore, we are an organization that is constantly looking to also embrace change as we adapt to the new challenges and opportunities that learners face.

I quickly learned that Switch is far from just a business book.  It is really about better understanding how we, as humans, respond to changes in all aspects of life - from trying to adopt healthier eating or exercise to negotiating with a teenager to working with colleagues.