A Focus on Making the Most of Available Technology

Without relevant professional development, available technology will most likely not be used to its fullest potential. Help ensure teachers, staff, and students are keeping up and fully utilizing available tools by providing on-demand learning resources focused on effective use of technology in instruction and learning.

Sample topics include:

How One District Maximizes Tech Integration & Teacher Support

When Daniel Saenz, the Information Technology Director at Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD stepped back to reflect on where the district was at for technology Integration and teacher support, he came to the realization that they weren’t doing as much as they could. 

One of the major steps they took to execute change was the creation of the 2015-2016 Instructional Technology Implementation Plan. The plan took their intentions and put it into action, outlining three levels of proficiency needed to accomplish the instructional technology goals for the district:

Infographic: Tech Planning vs. Zombies

Most people would rather face a zombie apocalypse than build and implement a district-wide technology initiative.

Why? Because while ideas are exciting, translating these ideas into executable, strategic goals is not only daunting, but frightening. Check out this infographic with some fun facts.

Popular on Twitter: Differentiating Professional Development

@ashleyhurley, a Literacy and Professional Development Specialist, recently made my day when she shared the Understanding the Technology Adoption Curve in Education poster on twitter—sparking some great conversation around driving technology adoption, and prompting us to do a post on this much-loved free resource!
The complete infographic-esque poster is found below, and a free printable version is available for download at by clicking here.

Going to #FETC14? I want to hear from you!

If you are going to FETC, I want to hear from you! I will be hosting a session “From Awkward to Awesome: Learn from Product Innovation Models. ” What does that mean? When I was completing my Masters of Business Administration, I learned a lot about bringing a product to market. If you are wondering how that relates to education—it’s simple. Your district has strategic goals that are supported by different initiatives. Likely, there are some challenges in implementing the initiatives. Adoption by staff.

Crossing the Chasm

Are you dreading implantation of your organization’s latest technology updates? There may be help for you in the book “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore. The book is intended for organizations that market and sell “disruptive” products to mainstream customers. While your organization may not be selling in a traditional sense, advice from experts may be the key to get your team onboard with a new technology implementation.