Plagiarism in Education

Plagiarism has always been a challenge for teachers to address. Technology has presented new tools for finding plagiarism, but it has also provided inventive ways for students to skirt around the rules. This edudemic infographic gives some interesting stats on the current state of plagiarism in education today. 

Want to learn more about what Atomic Learning can do to help students learn about plagiarism? Check out these workshops:

Coming Soon: Photoshop CS6 - Color Basics

Color and color management is an in-depth and lengthy subject in Photoshop. But there are some basics you should know as you work with your documents. In this series, we'll take a look at color modes, color spaces and how to sync color across the Adobe Creative Suite. We'll choose colors that are safe for print and for the Web and proof those colors on screen.

Education Collaborative Partners to Provide Members Instructor-Led Online PD Courses

Atomic Learning is proud to announce that all TIES education collaborative members can now get a discount off the enrollment fee off Atomic Catalyst Instructor-led online PD courses.

Atomic Catalyst courses are professional development courses focused on the effective application of technology in the classroom, with every six- week course including a 1-hour weekly instructional webinar led by a highly-qualified facilitator, as well as online resources, collaborative discussions and facilitator feedback to help teachers build and apply new strategies and skills. Courses are being offered on mobile and common core topics:


EdTech at a Glance - Infographic recently posted an infographic which shows great promise for our young students regarding technology. For example,

Today 70% of children between the ages of 2-5 can operate a computer mouse, but only 11% of them can tie their own shoes. At the start of the 21st century only half of all school classrooms had Internet access, compared to 98% today.

Check out this incredibly long but extremely useful infographic from Learn Stuff to ‘learn’ even more!

Teachers Want Technology

Recently featured on, this infographic indicates teachers view ed tech as a motivational tool. The site states:

Three-quarters of teachers who responded to a recent PBS poll said they want access to more technology in the classroom; 56 percent said they use websites as a tool to help students learn; and 77 percent said they use technology to motivate students. Just 21 percent of respondents said they have the right level of technology in their classrooms.

Coming Soon: Microsoft Office 365 Training Series

In this online training series, you'll learn how to use Microsoft Office 365 to collaborate, create and store information. Using your favorite web browser, you can access your information anytime and anywhere! Check out this video to learn more about the new series coming soon to Atomic Learning.


District of Columbia School Partners with Atomic Learning to Further Enhance Unique Blended School Model

Kramer Middle School in Washington, D.C. continues its focus on improving instruction and investing in technology by partnering with ed tech training leader Atomic Learning. In 2011–12, a blended school model was introduced, which combines a rich, personalized online program with face-to-face time with teachers. The school is now adding the Atomic Learning  solution to supplement the blended model.

Coming Soon: Premiere Pro CS6 Training

In this online training series, you’ll learn basic skills and advanced editing techniques for Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe’s powerful non-linear editing system.

You’ll gain the practical knowledge necessary to create and manage new projects and sequences, import graphic elements and capture video. You'll also learn how to add finesse to your work with a range of new effects, advanced three-way color correction and multi-cam editing.

Help Teachers Gain Interactive Learning Experience

Using a show-and-tell method, Atomic Learning's Atomic Integrate solution allows teachers to see first-hand how to teach 21st century skills. From professional development to classroom integration, Atomic Integrate provides a variety of just-in-time resources to empower educators with tools and training to ensure student success. CEU and graduate credit options are also available.