Atomic Learning Partners with Google Academy

Atomic Learning is proud to announce its partnership with the Google™ Certified Teacher Academy for Educators and Administrators. With a select group of 50 teachers invited each year, Google Certified Teachers represent an outstanding group of educators dedicated to bringing innovative technologies to today’s students. As they complete the certification training, they are provided with one year of access to Atomic Learning ’s 21st Century Skills and Tech Integration professional development solution to support their professional development and tech integration goals.

Small Steps = Big Results

When you stop to think about your professional development goals, chances are most are attainable without too much effort. However, to achieve the big goals—it takes many small steps.

Illinois Educators Can Earn CPDUs through Atomic Learning

Educators in the state of Illinois now have an opportunity to learn how to use emerging technologies and apply them to the classroom while earning Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs). Atomic Learning has recently been approved as a provider by the Illinois State Board of Education enabling staff in districts that have a subscription to earn CPDUs for tutorials they view from Atomic Learning’s vast library of tutorials.

Atomic Learning Launches Blended Learning

A new, comprehensive PD solution is now available to help educators achieve their ultimate goal of positively impacting student achievement in the classroom. To complement the extensive technology training and tech integration projects already available to subscribers through its website, Atomic Learning adds these high-impact courses facilitated by live instructors.

Personalized Learning: Start with the Teacher

I had the opportunity to attend a symposium this week, sponsored by SIIA, in partnership with ASCD and CCSO titled "Innovate to Educate: A Symposium on [Re]Design for Personalized Learning."  This session brought together educators, technology leaders and others interested in collaborating on the topic of personalized learning. 

Atomic Learning Enhances Teacher Professional Development at Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Earlier this week, the instructional technology department at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) facilitated a technology seminar for the teachers in the district.  This seminar was funded through the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant, and was intended to help teachers understand how they can improve student achievement through the use of technology in their schools.

Michigan's LearnPort to Include 21st Century Skills Courses

ImageMichigan’s LearnPort system now provides 21st-century skills training on subjects relevant to modern teaching techniques from Atomic Learning. Tutorial series teach complex subjects in short, easy to handle videos which are available at any time from any location. All schools which currently subscribe to the Atomic Learning 21st Century Skills package will have this material available FREE through LearnPort.  

Financial Literacy and Professional Development

A recent column by Michelle Singletary, a personal finance columnist at the Washington Post, caught my eye. "We are Flunking Personal Finance" looks at a recent study by the University of Wisconsin at Madison entitled Teachers' Background & Capacity to Teach Personal Finance. The study indicates that less than 20% of K12 teachers feel they were “very competent” in the six areas of financial literacy focused on in the study.

New Content Alert: Safari 4, Word 2010, iPhoto '09, PixWriter 3, Read:OutLoud 6, more

New and expanded tutorial series
Safari 4
As stated by Apple®: "It’s a browser. It’s a platform. It’s an open invitation to innovate. Safari® continuously redefines the browser, providing the most enjoyable way to experience the Internet."

View 2 free tutorials

Word 2010
Microsoft® Word 2010 offers the best of all worlds: enhanced features to create professional-quality documents, easier ways to work together with people and almost-anywhere access to your files. Use this introductory level tutorial series to watch, listen, and learn the basics of how to create high-quality documents that you can be proud of.

View 2 free tutorials

PixWriter 3
PixWriter™ is a talking picture and word processing program designed for beginning and struggling readers and writers. The program combines print, pictures, and speech allowing users to compose written documents even if knowledge of sound-symbol relationships, spelling, and alphabet skills have not been mastered. Teachers can quickly create a customized word bank that includes symbols for students to use for writing.

View 2 free tutorials

Training & Staff Development for 21st Century Teaching at Lincoln Public Schools (Just Enough, Just in Time, Just for Me)

The first run of this webinar went very well and provided such valuable information that we've decided to do it again.
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST

Click here to register for this FREE event

In order for students to have 21st century skills to succeed and compete in today's global workplace, districts first need to develop those skills in their teachers. How do you build a professional development program that creates a solid understanding of the skills and develop the ability to integrate them into the classroom?

Join us as a panel from Lincoln Public Schools shares best practices and collaboration between departments to create a successful training and staff development program to help their teachers – and students – succeed with 21st century learning.

Read about the presenters

Free Training Opportunity – ISTE Webinar

With the phrase “21st century skills” popping up all over the place, it is impossible not to notice that 21st century skills is a hot topic in education. What seems to be the consensus now is that even though it is clear that these skills are important, many schools are still struggling to create 21st century-ready students. To help, Atomic Learning and ISTE have partnered to lead a discussion on 21st century skills professional development strategies.

Digital Workshop from PBS - 21st Century Schools: Learning in the Digital Age

This project by PBS and the MacArthur and Park Foundations aligns well with recent posts on digital learning. It starts this evening.

More and more educators are tapping into the power of digital media and technology for teaching and learning. The variety of information resources available online is simply staggering. Explore how teachers and students are using the power of social media to promote students' active engagement, critical thinking and literacy skills.

When learning is done well, the technology becomes transparent

Today was our last day in Australia, and we are exhausted. Our feet and legs are tired from walking, and our brains are tired from taking in and processing so much information. I believe we have served Atomic Learning well on this trip, giving lots of people in lots of schools lots ideas for how to utilize the features of our site and bring 21st century concepts into the classroom. I know that the people we have met with have also served AL, providing us with important feedback and knowledge about the educational systems within their country.

An intriguing, frustrating conundrum

This morning I was repeatedly reminded of a dilemma professionals in many fields encounter. On one hand, an employee is expected to keep up with the latest technological tools available to them and relevant to their job. On the other, they may already feel overwhelmed with what's on their to-do lists.

Blogging –The New Model for Building Collaboration in the Classroom

For students around the nation, blogs have become far more than the latest technology buzzword. For many, blogging can be a key method of communication on a social level. While many students already blog in their free time, incorporating blogging technology into the classroom can have many benefits through the use of a medium that already interests students and makes learning more interactive and engaging.

Job Security No More......(by Jen Wagner at Tech & Learning)

When I first started being a Tech Director (former job) I felt great pride in being the guru of tech knowledge and unfortunately, I also did my best to keep that knowledge just beyond the reach of the staff. You might call it a lot of things….but in actuality it was a lot of conceit with a bit of job security.