Looking for Staff Development on Engaging Students with Interactive Whiteboards?


Engaging Students with Interactive Whiteboards

Weekly online sessions June 13 - July 25, 2012

This course will discuss "interactivity" and "engagement" while acknowledging the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard.

  • Learn how to enrich classroom activities through the use of an Interactive Whiteboard

  • Receive resources for specific how-to support

See What's Hot at Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning strives to bring you the most up-to-date training resources on the hottest topics. Our new "What's Hot" page shows our latest releases, popular favorites and other new and noteworthy items.

Got a Great Team? Nominations are Open for the Shirley Hord Learning Team Award

The Shirley Hord Learning Team Award honors excellence in professional learning. Based on Learning Forward's definition of professional learning, the award recognizes a school team that successfully implements the cycle of continuous learning for professional learning that results in student achievement. The deadline for applications is April 13, 2012.

Learn more about the application process.

SEG and Atomic Learning - Live from TCEA 2012

Check out this video taken live at the TCEA Conference in Austin, TX where Scott from SEG Assessment shares how the use of Atomic Learning for teacher tech integration training impacts student achievement through the research he and his colleagues collected over the 2010-11 school year. To see the full research study results, download the report.

Atomic Learning IS PD with a Tech Component

Are you struggling to find PD with relation to technology? Look no further, Atomic Learning IS your PD resource for tech integration!


In this video, customer Monica Nahas shares how Fort Bend ISD in Texas has successfully implemented the Atomic Learning PD solution to encourage tech integration to positively impact student achievement.

Reseach Shows Teachers' Top 10 Resources

SEG Measurement, a recognized education research firm and Atomic Learning partner, completed a thorough analysis of the impact of teacher technology integration training on student achievement during the 2010-11 school year. You can read more about the results here, but what we found interesting (and thought you might too) are the top 10 Atomic Learning resources the teachers used.

Schools and Districts invited to participate in 9th annual Speak Up National Research Project

Atomic Learning and Project Tomorrow invite all schools and districts to participate in the 9th annual Speak Up National Research Project.  Speak Up provides a quick and easy way for your students, parents, teachers, librarians and administrators to have a voice in local, state and national discussions about emerging technologies in education.

Plus, every participating school and district gets back their own stakeholder data from the online surveys to use for grant writing, ed tech plans, budgets, professional development and community engagement.  No need to create your own surveys – Speak Up does all the work for you!   Just register your school or district at http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2011/, pick a password and promote the survey link to your community.   

Tech Teacher Finds Inspiration in Spotlight Training

Colorado tech teacher, Brad Flickinger, blogged about what he learned when he discovered Atomic Learning Spotlight training topics when he logged into Atomic Learning recently.

"The first thing to impress me were the Goals — they are broken down into three quick-read bullet points of Identify, Reflect and Plan. I could quickly review them and see if this was the right course for me. It was, so I continued."

Read more here.

Looking for Standards-Based Projects? Let Atomic Learning Help!

In the last year, a major change happened in education. The change is not one which grabbed headlines, but it did strongly influence education throughout the United States. Everyone involved in education knows of the Common Core State Standards, but very few understand how the new standards will influence classrooms on a day-to-day basis.

Stretch the Impact of Your Funding

Funding for education is always a concern, but when tight budgets force heavier workloads and elimination of positions it becomes even more important. Investing your grant dollars in Atomic Learning eases the strain on your tech and professional development teams so they can continue to bring effective embedded professional development to your district.

Educators Benefit from School Improvement Network and Atomic Learning Collaboration

Districts across the U.S. are utilizing numerous resources to provide teachers with a well-rounded professional development program. While the use of multiple resources allows districts to provide comprehensive training, it creates a challenge for end users in accessing resources from various websites and managing multiple log-ins.

To begin addressing this challenge, Atomic Learning and School Improvement Network announce a collaboration to provide shared resources to guide educators on a path to technology-empowered learning.

Your Path to Technology-Empowered Learning: New Effective Online Teaching and Learning Resource

Atomic Learning users can now find a collection of existing training specifically related to effective online teaching and learning in one location through a new series of spotlights on technology professional development topics. As online and blended learning courses have become more prevalent, the differences between online and face-to-face instruction have come to the forefront.

PD Tips: Tech Integration Barriers to Change: Are you Doing your Part?

Early research indicated that if teachers had access to enough equipment and training, classroom integration would follow. However, when technology is involved, this isn’t always so easy to assume the norm. Various barriers are preventing technology to fully integrate teachers’ classrooms. From personal fears to technical issues, classroom integration is being affected negatively. Keep these pointers in mind to keep up your end of the barrier bargain:

Is Atomic Learning new to your District? Attend this Webinar

Does your district provide access to Atomic Learning, but you haven't explored all of the resources yourself? Atomic Learning customers are invited to this free online training session to learn more about the key features of Atomic Learning for professional development, how-to training, and classroom tech integration. This session will cover:

-  How to access just in time training
-  An overview of professional development tools
-  Resources to integrate today’s technology into your curriculum with one easy search

Create a Customized PD Program

Learn how to create a customized professional development program in 4 easy steps. First, complete a 21st Century Skills Professional Development Worksheet to clarify the goals of your program. In phase 2, look at using an assessment to determine where skills training might be best applied. Then, look at skill development itself. In the final segment of the 4-part process, you'll discuss analyzing progress. Read more.