8 Awesome New Courses [Because ‘Top 5’ Isn’t Enough!]

Atomic Learning is constantly adding new learning resources focused on helping schools tackle common challenges found in education today.  Recently, we connected with Sarah Holder, Product Owner (aka eLearning Guru) here at Atomic Learning, for her top five new courses…and she more than delivered!

Without further ado, here’s the top five…umm, EIGHT, new courses:

  1. Evaluating Technology Resources
    With so many online resources and tools available, it can be very difficult for administrators to effectively filter and approve them. Which tools are worth the money? Are going to be most effective in improving instruction and student learning? What does the resource provide? In this course, we will look at strategies to help effectively evaluate these resources and tools—complete with a checklist for future requests.
  2. Learning Styles
    Learning Styles can be a great building block to developing a study strategy. To help you get started, will dive into the benefits of styles, the characteristics of each, and determine which Learning Style works for you. Additionally, we'll provide some study techniques for each style, along with some tools that might be useful. 
  3. Critical Thinking
    Provide students the opportunity to build and apply critical thinking skills, as well as critically evaluate circumstances and performance. During this course, students will practice questioning and evaluating to form judgments and make decisions, as well as learn how to interpret alternative viewpoints and reflect on their own biases and assumptions. 

OneNote for Organization and Collaboration - Guest Blog Post

Who better to speak to using OneNote for Organization and Collaboration than the eLearning Contributor who developed the training herself?

Guest Blog Post by Teresa Potter, eLearning Contributor

There are a lot of note-taking applications available, each boasting an easy way to collect information. However, one of the points many of these programs miss is powerful tools to organize that information. Microsoft OneNote has not made this mistake.
Microsoft OneNote provides a powerful tool to collect, organize, and reference information in a wide variety of formats. It allows you to type and paste information and media anywhere you would like on the page. The formatting is much more fluid than a word processing program. You can create pages, sections, and groups of sections to organize your information, and you can even create entirely new notebooks to gather your information. You can also attach documents right to your pages. Students can attach a Powerpoint presentation they gave and then reflect on their work all on the same page, and the attachment becomes part of the OneNote notebook. OneNote also allows you to create audio and video recordings and to play them back within OneNote.

Tips and Tricks for Your Devices and Software

Atomic Learning has launched a series of new training courses that will feature fresh tips and tricks from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tech Integration Ideas and more! They are a quick blast of information to help describe the what, why, and how behind cool new features—such as Using Poll Anywhere in PowerPoint and a look at Apple Pay.

Check out all of these new Tips & Tricks pages:

Make sure to check back often, because we are continually adding to them! Just for fun, sign-up here and have updates on Apple Tips and Tricks sent directly to your email!

New Content Alert: GoToMeeting, 4 C's in the Classroom, FileZilla, and more!

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Reflecting on my Recent eLearning Experience

Guest Post by Lisa Barnett, Atomic Learning CEO

As you know, Atomic Learning is constantly introducing new eLearning courses. Our most recent was last week.  If you didn't already hear the news, let me provide you with a few of my personal reflections and highlights on why I feel this is a pretty amazing rollout of new eLearning content: