We are thrilled about the submissions from the ISTE Hoonuit Contest! The creative posts were shared, so that other educators can grow and learn together. The winners were selected based on the creativity of the post and value of content for others learners. View the winning submissions below.


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Tech Integration Strategies Module



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Students as Digital Creators Module

ISTE Hoonuit Contest

Are you interested in professional growth and an opportunity to attend ISTE 2017?  We are thrilled to announce our ISTE Hoonuit Contest where educators are rewarded for sharing what they learn!

Here are the details:

1 GRAND PRIZE Winner will receive free registration & a travel stipend for ISTE 2017
1 RUNNER UP Winner will receive free registration for ISTE 2017
5 Annual Hoonuit by Atomic Learning Subscriptions


Follow these steps and be entered to win:
  1. Login to using your school's method of access.
    (Not at an Atomic Learning school? (Get free access now)
  2. Complete a module - LearnIt. DoIt. ShareIt. and ProveIt. (See list of accepted modules below)

ISTE Standards for Coaches Series: Model effective tech integration

ISTE Standards for Coaches 2: Teaching, Learning and Assessments
Technology coaches assist teachers in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students.

“I don’t have time to integrate technology into my classroom.”

“I already have so much to do, I can’t add one more thing into my day.”

ISTE Standards for Coaches Series: Visionary Leadership

This is the first post in a series I wrote for ISTE entitled Living the ISTE Standards for Coaches. Enjoy!

Technology Coaches inspire and participate in the development and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformational change throughout the instructional environment.

Coaches should inspire and lead us down paths that are manageable, interesting and — as much as I hate to say it — intimidating. They should help us go places and do things that we may not have considered. Their role is to use the knowledge of the systems that we live and work in to create a vision for how to incorporate inspiring and engaging technology tools in the classroom.

The ISTE Standards for Technology Coaches (ISTE Standards•C) address the role that tech coaches play within a learning environment beginning with Standard 1: Visionary Leadership.

Read more.

It All Comes Down To This. #ISTE2014

Thousands of presentation submissions.  Months and weeks spent reviewing.  Long days filled with post-its making it all fit in the schedule. And it all comes down to this. ISTE 2014 kicks off this weekend!

Wondering which sessions to attend?  We have a few recommendations:

From Inspiration to Implementation: Planning Successful District Initiatives
Sunday, June 29, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m

Rod Smith, the CIO of Clayton County Public Schools, and Kara Gann will be talking about planning new initiatives in a poster session. If you have read our tech planning eBook, this is a must-attend session! Learn how both Rod and Kara have worked to implement learning initiatives using simple planning strategies to not only build a well-defined plan, but also to communicate the plan to other members of our team. They can answer questions and offer practical advice to make sure you are prepared to implement the great ideas you find at ISTE when you return to your district.

Leadership in an Era of Change
Tuesday, 07/01/14, 8:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m.

What happens when two former ISTE board members get together to talk about leadership and change? Annette Smith from Teaching Books and Kara Gann will be discussing vision, value, and metrics and how the three work together in a successful implementation. They'll cover:

  • Setting vision: building consensus
  • Value: linking vision goals and objectives
  • Metrics: assessing success

And don't forget to become a part of the I AM AN [educator] movement!


The ISTE session planning war room.  

Infographic: Join the Ed Tech Revolution at #ISTE2014

Heading to the upcoming ISTE® conference (or trying to convince the district to send someone—preferably you)? The infographic below calls out some great statistics on ed tech, as well as highlighting some of the topics to be covered at this year's conference.
If you make it to Atlanta, be sure to stop by Booth #1942 to say "hi" to the Atomic Learning crew!

Ed tech revolution

Want a Free Shirt?

If you are like most people, you like free stuff.
At Atomic Learning we've got some awesome (and highly coveted) I AM [ an educator ] shirts to giveaway, and we've got two ways to get your hands on one!
  1. Claim one at #ISTE2014
    If you are planning to travel to Atlanta to attend this year's ISTE conference, be sure to stop by Atomic Learning's booth (#1942) to share your story at our free photo booth to claim your shirt! Not sure what to say? Mike Berago of Fenton High School in Bensenville, Illinois recently shared: I AM [ inspired by teachers' and students' resiliency ].
  2. Enter our Weekly Giveaway

Join the I AM [ an educator ] Project at #ISTE2014

At ISTE 2011, Atomic Learning launched the I AM [ an educator] sharing project to acknowledge educators (as well as those who inspire, encourage, and support them), and honor all that they do to ensure today’s students receive the best education.
A mere three years later, as we prepare to return to the annual ISTE conference, the project has had over 10,000 educators share how they are impacting education—and earned their coveted I AM [an educator] t-shirt!

I AM [an educator] at #ISTE13

If you're at ISTE in San Antonio, stop by the Atomic Learning booth #14092 and share what inspires you to be an educator -- you'll get an awesome "I AM [an educator]" t-shirt! If you've already gotten a t-shirt at one of our previous conferences and you're one of the first 50 to wear it at the booth, you'll get a matching backpack!

Suggest a Keynote for ISTE 2013

Each year ISTE works to recruit the best of the best to keynote at their annual conference and exposition. From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to classroom teachers and award-winning photojournalists, they've had some amazing speakers!

ISTE 2012: I AM [an educator] Photos

Thank you to all who stopped by the Atomic Learning booth at the recent ISTE Conference. As promised, we wanted to share with you the video featuring highlights of the I AM [ an educator] photos. If you don't see your photo, you can view all the photos here.

SmartBrief Report from #ISTE12

At the recent ISTE Conference, Atomic Learning's Director of Product Management, Jonathon Blissenbach was interviewed by SmartBrief. Discussion of the new products from Atomic Learning, the Atomic Mobilize solution and Atomic TechCore solution was shared.

Read more.

Attending #ISTE12? Stop by the Atomic Learning Booth

What is your role in education? Stop by Atomic Learning booth #2623 at ISTE 2012, to share what motivates you. The I AM [an educator] sharing project was created  to acknowledge educators (as well as all those who inspire, encourage and support them), and honor all that they do to ensure today's students receive the best education.

When you stop by, not only will you get a free t-shirt, we'll also show you what's new at Atomic Learning. As you know, technology is constantly changing, so we're introducing some exciting new solutions to help you continue your quest to bridge the technology and curriculum gap. Come check out our new solutions to help you with mobile and Common Core initiatives (as well as learn about our new app!)

Seeking Best of the Best in Ed Tech

The ISTE Awards program recognizes the best of the best in ed tech each year, honoring exceptional educators who advance the field, demonstrate vision and innovation, and unlock student potential. ISTE recognizes all winners at its annual conference and exposition.

Join the Campaign! Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech May 12

Funding for Classroom Technology is in jeopardy!  Join ISTE members and education technology advocates from across the country for a day of blogging and tweeting in support of 21st century learning.

President Obama’s budget provides no funding for education technology.  The Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program, which was funded at $100 million in 2010, is rolled into a the new program “Effective Teaching and Learning for a Complete Education.”
Without funds specifically set aside to pay for education technology the administration’s messaging about the importance of technology for classroom teaching and learning rings hollow. If education technology is so important, why has the proposed 2011 budget eliminated funding for the only dedicated ed tech funding program?

Although the President has recommended to eliminate funding for EETT, Congress does not have to agree with this recommendation.  ISTE is urging congress to fund education technology at at $500 million for next year. To get this issue on congress’ agenda we need to tell  policymakers that we are not going to take the loss of EETT quietly.

On Wednesday, May 12 we are going to flood the Web with messages in support of funding for education technology. We’ll provide some Twitter messages to get you started, but we’re asking for a major effort from all the ed tech bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers and Ning-regulars out there to write in support of dedicated federal funding for education technology.

Keep watching ISTE Connects for information on how you can help secure $500 million for ed tech in 2011. Together we can make our voices heard!