New Tech Integration Projects Recently Added to Online Training Library

Atomic Learning recently added four new tech integration projects featuring both Microsoft® Excel and Powerpoint® 2010 software. The online training library offers over 120 of these classroom-ready projects for educators. These projects can be used as-is to quickly integrate technology into the classroom, or easily adapted to a particular subject-area or skill level. Atomic Learning has also expanded its training collection to include tutorials on software features ranging from learning management systems to photo editing with this release.

A brief description of the new projects follows.

Family Connections – PowerPoint 2010 (

New to Atomic Learning: Evernote Training

Evernote® is a robust cloud note-taking and memory enhancing app. It can be used on just about any device and on just about any operating system. Notes are auto synchronized across devices and can be shared with others so project collaboration becomes a snap.

New to Atomic Learning: Edmodo Training

Edmodo is a social networking site for teachers and students—and it has a mobile version! Teachers can use Edmodo to communicate information to students, post assignments, quizzes and polls, and encourage discussion and collaboration in their classroom.

Students Benefit with Increased Technology Use

SEG Measurement recently concluded a year-long research study evaluating the impact of the Atomic Learning use on student achievement. Taught by teachers who received technology training, students showed improvement in math and reading skills.

A brief excerpt from the results:

Increased teacher education = improved student achievement

A recent research study evaluated the impact of the Atomic Learning professional development solution on student achievement. SEG Measurement tallied the results and found that when teachers receive proper education, their students’ achievement improved.

A brief excerpt from the results:

Cyberbullying: Not Just Name Calling

Schools around the world are struggling to keep up with social challenges in fully digitized youth. Kids and adults alike are up to their elbows in social media - from Twitter to Facebook and everything in between. These schools and educators are chasing the kids who are sprinting ahead into the cyber-abyss, sometimes encountering situations they're not prepared to handle. Sometimes they're actually the cause of shame and depression, or worse, causing ill feelings with other kids.

Touch Screens Replace Textbooks In Little Falls

The use of iPads in the classroom has been an experiment this school year, but Little Falls district officials and teachers say it has gone so well, they’ve decided to purchase an additional 1,450 of the tablet computers for next year. iPads will be in the hands of all students in grades 5-12. Read more.


Texas Educators: Earn Professional Development Credit While Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Educators in the state of Texas now have an opportunity to learn how to use emerging technologies and apply them to the classroom while earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements. Atomic Learning has recently been approved as a provider by the Texas State Board of Education enabling staff in districts that have a subscription to earn CPE credits for tutorials they view from Atomic Learning’s vast library of tutorials.

Project RED Findings Show Signs of Education Reform

Schools are in a technology implementation crisis. While education technology best practices have a significant positive impact, they are not widely and consistently practiced. Nine key implementation factors emerged as primary ingredients for improved student educational outcomes.
See the overview of the findings and factors here.

New Video Challenges Educators to Think Differently

Don Johnston, software developer and advocate for students with special needs, recently released a video entitled "The Case Against Assistive Technology." The video challenges educators to think differently about reading and writing accommodations in the everyday classroom. How will it change your classroom?

The More We Fail, the More We Learn

Teaching is a profession where you have to constantly adapt and adapt on your feet, so hitting technology roadblocks should be handled no different.  Use your Technology Specialist to your advantage to learn from technology stumbles, and continue to try something new.

Atomic Learning Launches Blended Learning

A new, comprehensive PD solution is now available to help educators achieve their ultimate goal of positively impacting student achievement in the classroom. To complement the extensive technology training and tech integration projects already available to subscribers through its website, Atomic Learning adds these high-impact courses facilitated by live instructors.

New Content Alert: Our largest tech skills release of 2010!

We've just released these new and updated technology skills series:

KompoZer, formerly known as NVU, is a complete Web authoring system that combines Web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG Web page editing. What's more, KompoZer is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking Web site without needing to know HTML or Web coding.

Google SketchUp 7
Redecorate your living room. Design a new piece of furniture. Model your city for Google Earth. In this tutorial series, you'll quickly learn that there's no limit to what you can create with Google™ SketchUp 7.

iPod touch
iPod touch® is a pocket computer that you can use to listen to music, watch movies, surf the Web, check e-mail and more!

As stated by Apple®: "The iPod touch® has a huge amount of potential in the classroom to revolutionize the way students learn and teachers teach."

As stated by Apple®: "iPad™ isn’t just the best device of its kind, it’s a whole new kind of device."

iPad is a mobile device that you can use to watch movies, create documents, surf the Web, check e-mail, use as an eReader and more! This series will introduce you to the basic features and functions of iPad.

SIIA Releases Trends Report on K-12 and Postsecondary Education Technology

Washington, D.C. (June 8, 2010) - The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announces the release of its most recent report on the K-12 and postsecondary education technology markets - officially titled the SIIA Trends Report for Education Technology.

Authored by various members of the education industry, the report highlights industry shifts and emerging trends as they relate to five main topics: K-12 learning management systems, postsecondary learning management systems, online learning, state of the states, and mobile computing.