Building Excellent Learning Spaces


Guest Blog Post by Dr. Robert Dillon, eLearning Contributor


Settling, for some time now, has been the achilles heel of many in education when it comes to learning spaces. With only a bookcase, a whiteboard, and some desks, many educators provide a solid learning experience for kids because they are resourceful, dedicated, and driven. They make do with the situations that they have, and they tell the stories of scarcity as a badge of honor.


Many of these situations are actually bleak, and many classrooms do suck the life out of kids. Too often, classrooms today mirror the classrooms of fifty years ago. This doesn’t have to be the reality though. With a shift in the ways that we think about the contents of the classrooms, we can make some significant changes that help students and build brain friendly classrooms that support collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.