Supporting Gifted and Talented Learners

Interested in learning about the latest research on supporting gifted and talented learners in the classroom? You've come to the right place!

We worked with Sam Hostetler, a Dean of Students and experienced educator with a passion for technology and learning, to bring you this in-depth online course focused on Supporting Gifted and Talented Learners.

Hostetler talks through everything from defining what gifted and talented means to way of implementing technology and instructional strategies to support them. Here is a quick sample of one of the topics he walks through, how to identity a gifted and talented learner.

Each district and state is going to have its own criteria for how to identify gifted and talented students, but these are a few things to be on the look out for in your classroom. Keeping in mind that these are just some things that you might see, and every student is obviously different, here are some of the most common attributes:

  • Asks a lot of questions
  • Masters skills early
  • Interested in many things
  • Uses higher level thinking (such as, analysis and evaluation)
  • Easily bored in class
  • May do well on tests, but neglects homework.

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