Suggest a Keynote for ISTE 2013

Each year ISTE works to recruit the best of the best to keynote at their annual conference and exposition. From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to classroom teachers and award-winning photojournalists, they've had some amazing speakers!

It's now time to decide who will keynote at ISTE 2013. Will it be you? How about someone you know? Please send your recommendations for keynote speakers who can bring an exciting and inspiring message to the ISTE audiences.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Ed tech–centric isn't a requirement: direct connection to education and/or technology is great, but they're also interested in bringing in relevant viewpoints from other fields.
  • Think outside the box: ISTE isn't your typical education conference. Visit their conference history page for more info on past speakers and present the freshest idea you can.
  • Keep it simple: they get lots of suggestions and read them all, so be succinct and make your case with gusto.
  • Give examples: feel free to send links to videos and articles to help build the case for your suggested speaker(s).
Don’t wait! Submit your keynote recommendation by October 29, 2012.

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