Skills Assessments Help Measure Progress

Did you know? Atomic Learning offers online skill-based assessments on computer literacy and popular software applications to help gauge the knowledge and skills of both instructors and students. These assessments provide quiz-style insights to review retention of completed training.

The assessments offer different question types including multiple select, multiple choice, matching and hot spot, to test users in a variety of ways. The assessment questions align with the training Atomic Learning provides, making it easy to show retained competencies while identifying needed areas for improvement.

“Our goal is for our users to move from asking ‘How do I do that?’ to saying ‘Here is what I learned,’” said Lisa Barnett, Atomic Learning CEO. “These assessments test the skills being acquired, providing users with insight into where they are succeeding and where they might need more work.”

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Atomic Learning customers qualify for special pricing when adding skills assessments to their subscription through March 31, 2015. Contact your account manager today for this special offer: 866.259.6890.

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