Skills Assessments Added to Atomic Learning Technology Training

Atomic Learning recently launched a skills assessment feature for its award-winning technology training solution. The interactive skills assessments provide users with a means to gauge their progress mastering the skills taught through the company’s library of tutorials.

“Atomic Learning has always offered a vast number of online training programs to keep educators, administrators and students proficient in the latest technology offerings, but until now, there has been no way for our customers to evaluate how effective that training was,” said Lisa Barnett, CEO of Atomic Learning.

The assessments offer different question types including multiple select, multiple choice, matching and hot spot, to test users in a variety of ways. The assessment questions align with the training Atomic Learning provides, making it easy to show retained competencies while identifying needed areas for improvement.

“Our goal is for our users to move from asking ‘How do I do that?’ to saying ‘Here is what I learned,’” said Barnett. “These assessments will test the skills being acquired, providing users with insight into where they are succeeding and where they might need more work.”

Current skills assessments are available for Atomic Learning’s Computer Literacy, Microsoft® Word and Microsoft Excel® training. In the coming months, the library of skills assessments will grow to include Office® 2013, Blackboard Learn™, Moodle™ and more. All skills assessments are located on the corresponding training series page. To learn more about skills assessments, visit

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