Providing Resources for Parents of Disabled Students

For parents raising students with disabilities, finding necessary support can be challenging. In Minnesota, we are lucky to have the PACER Center. The PACER Center is primarily parents helping parents; a great collection of resources help parents navigate the challenges faced by special needs kids. Recently, PACER collected the Top 10 Topics: Parents Concerns and Matching Resources. This online repository provides valuable information for parents with children from birth to age 21 on topics relevant to raising children with disabilities.

The partnership between parents and educators is a key component to the success of special needs students. These documents area great resource for cementing the partnership. Atomic Learning also hopes to help solidify the partnership between parents and educators by providing training on tools that are often a key component of the individualized education plan (IEP) of these students. To ensure everyone has the training needed to support the technology needs of special education students, Atomic Assist can help. Learn more here.

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