Project: Water Works!

Did you know that tomorrow is World Water Day?
Created by the United Nations to raise awareness of the sustainable management of water resources, World Water Day occurs each year on March 22nd. To help recognize this important day, Atomic Learning is highlighting the Water Works! 21st Century Skills Project, which utilizes free Google™ Earth software to tour lakes and rivers around the globe that are running dry.
The Water Works! project includes discussion about the economic, political, and environmental inter-dependencies that exist, related to available water resources, as well as how decisions about personal water use affect the availability of water of water on a local and global scale—and comes complete with a downloadable project activity guide, professional development workbook, and rubric!
Atomic Learning invites you to check out this project for yourself using the links below:
Don't have access to Atomic Learning? Request more information about how to provide access to this project and hundreds of others to your district.

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