Prepping for Back to School with #ALsummersession

Ready or not, the school year is ramping up to get started.

Want to change up your lessons before students converge on you? Now’s your chance!

Below are a few ideas to reawaken your inner teacher—to get started, simply login using your school's method of access.

Coding in the Classroom
Reading, writing...coding? Considered to be a new 'literacy' to prep students for the future, coding is more than a great way to engage students! This online resource will introduce coding concepts and tools to help you get started in the classroom.
Learn about Coding in the Classroom!

An Overview of Learning Methodologies
Want to help your students be lifelong-learners? Of course you do! Check out this online resource on new approaches to teaching that focus on creativity, re-examine Bloom's Taxonomy, and foster higher-level thinking skills in learners at all levels.
Learn about Learning Methodologies!

Minecraft & Project-Based Learning
Ready to explore the world of game-based learning? Check out Minecraft! This online resource will walk you through not only getting set-up, but includes project ideas and templates from the experts at the popular Craft-Academy!
Learn about Minecraft & Project-Based Learning!

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