Oklahoma City Public Schools Go Above & Beyond with 1:1 Devices & PD

Oklahoma City Public Schools has partnered with Apple Inc. and their ConnectEd iPad Program to provide every Arthur Elementary School’s 600+ students with a new iPad. Access to such devices not only builds students' critical technology skills, but ensures they have the opportunity to learn in the ways that work best for them.

Rhonda Schroeder, Principal at Arthur Elementary, is taking her district above and beyond standards with the help of the incredible teachers and staff that she works with.  Before moving forward with the 1:1 iPad initiative, Schroeder asked her staff if this was something they wanted to do, knowing that it would take a lot of hard work, and nearly every single one of them responded “YES”!

My teachers and staff members all have an internal instinct to want to be a part of something bigger,” Schroeder said. “We knew this 1:1 initiative would be an important step for the future of our students – and district all together.

To help her staff get up-to-speed quickly with their new Apple products, they utilized Atomic Learning resources to get the answers they needed.

But they didn’t stop there. The educators at Arthur Elementary collaborated as a group to take the 1:1 initiative even further. They utilized the school's existing PLC (professional learning community) Facebook page to openly collaborate and easily share tips and resources they found interesting—including Atomic Learning’s courses on Classroom Management in 1:1 Classrooms, Supporting Gifted and Talented Learners, and others.

By combining the safe learning environment of the PLC with in-depth online professional development, teachers were able to gain not only confidence in how to use the new devices, but also develop strategies and ideas for how to implement them into the classroom to engage students.

With the entire district having access to Atomic Learning’s online resources, teachers and staff are able to easily find recommend content to their fellow colleges, via their PLC. Word of mouth spread quickly about this just-in-time professional development resources, with Rhonda herself saying “Where has Atomic Learning been all of my life?

What are the next steps for Arthur Elementary and Oklahoma City Public Schools? Schroeder and her staff will continue to drive their iPad initiative forward, as well as begin rolling out Atomic Learning resources to parents and students to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access iPad related resources, as well as resources on Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy.

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Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) is a multi-cultural district serving approximately 41,000 students. Our students are educated throughout 54 neighborhood elementary schools, 16 secondary schools, 2 special centers and 15 charter schools located in a 135.5 square miles in the center of Oklahoma.

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