Office 365 for Administrators

Who better to speak to using Office 365 for Administrators than the eLearning Contributor who developed the training herself?

Guest Blog Post by Teresa Potter, eLearning Contributor

Microsoft has been quickly growing its online Office applications since 2008, including adding many collaborative tools. Many schools and organizations have adopted Office 365 for their institution, which brings with it a set of administrator tools. In the spring of 2015, Microsoft made several layout and a few organizational changes to the Office 365 administrator tools with the goal of simplifying these workflows.  Atomic Learning has recently added a series of tutorial videos for new Office 365 administrators to introduce them to the key features of the dashboard as well as give them an understanding of the overall organization of these tools.  

In the Office 365 for Administrators tutorial series, you will learn the basics of creating users and groups, working with shared mailboxes, and working with sites.  You will also learn how to manage licenses for mail accounts as well as for the Microsoft Office software that is included in some Office 365 packages.

Ready to get started? Check it out here. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information today!

Teresa Potter is an English teacher turned educational technologist. She spent several years in the high school and middle school English classrooms before earning a Master’s in Educational technology. She now works in instructional design and educational technology focusing on helping K-12 schools and higher education institutions do more with technology. She is currently working on a project to create self-paced higher education programs to help learners work towards their degree whenever it fits their schedule. She has also been coaching high school debate for 8 years and has had several district champions and national qualifiers.

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