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What You'll Learn: WordPress 3.8 Training

A blog is a website for discussing a topic or for providing information to users. This online training series will focus on how to go about creating your own blog using WordPress 3.8. You'll learn how you can share information with others and control the administration of your blog site.​ Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Learn more.

What You'll Learn: Office for iPad Training

The Office® for iPad® apps include Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. These apps allow you to view, create and edit your Office documents from your iPad using a familiar user interface. You can view documents for free with Office for iPad. In order to create and edit documents, you will need an Office 365® subscription.Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Learn more.

What You'll Learn: iOS 7.1 Training

iOS® 7.1 features an enhanced and streamlined interface, and also some improvements to the most used apps, such as the calendar and camera. In this online training series, you will learn about these new features, and how to customize the look and feel of your iOS device. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Learn more.