Coming Soon: Maya Training

Do you dream in 3D? If so, you're ready to enter the world of Maya. Maya is one of the leading software applications for 3D digital animation and digital effects. Let your creativity be your guide as you immerse yourself in the workings of Maya. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Learn more.

New Training Series Helps Educators Flip Their Classrooms

We recently added a training series that helps educators flip their classrooms.

Flipped teaching has become a popular practice in which students learn new content online by watching videos, usually at home, and the classroom time then offers teachers more personalized guidance and interaction with students, instead of lecturing.

Reflecting on my Recent eLearning Experience

Guest Post by Lisa Barnett, Atomic Learning CEO

As you know, Atomic Learning is constantly introducing new eLearning courses. Our most recent was last week.  If you didn't already hear the news, let me provide you with a few of my personal reflections and highlights on why I feel this is a pretty amazing rollout of new eLearning content:

New Online Training Workshop Helps Educators Understand Cloud-Based Applications

In case you missed yesterday's post, we have expanded our online training library! Included in this new training is a workshop on moving to the cloud for teachers. This online training workshop covers some of the key features and benefits of cloud-based computing for teachers including the anytime, anywhere access for storage, retrieval and collaboration, increased student accountability, backup and storage, as well as cost and resource savings.