Go Anywhere with Virtual Reality - Guest Blog Post

Who better to speak to the topic of Virtual Reality in the Classroom than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series herself?

Guest Blog Post by Jaime Donally, eLearning Contributor

Virtual Reality (VR) has become more popular as the demand for wearable technology has increased.  The use of this technology in the classroom has deepened learning opportunities and increased student engagement.  The Virtual Reality in the Classroom workshop shows many different apps to create, share, and explore VR in the classroom. 

Using the Sphere 360 app, students can produce their own virtual reality experiences. Exploring collections and viewing locations all over the world has brought a sense of global connectedness. The use of the app lends for several opportunities in the classroom. Create a sphere of a scene and play hide and seek with vocabulary words, find pairs, discover images that start with the letter A, or search for obtuse angles. Consider using the app for preparation on the first day of school with spheres from the cafeteria, library, or playground describing the rules with each of the areas.  Imagine stepping into a sphere with class projects or the school science fair. Describe rock formations, view artwork, or write predictions based on the given scene are just a few ideas to deepen learning using virtual reality without ever leaving your seat.

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Tech Solutions for Students with Autism - Guest Blog Post #sped

Who better to speak to the topic of Tech Solutions for Students with Autism than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series himself?

Guest Blog Post by Sam Hostetler, eLearning Contributor

I have searched the web for “autism” and “apps”, and found myself overwhelmed with thousands of options, the vast majority not applicable to my classroom. As a secondary special education teacher, I often feel that most technology tools for autism are either focused on very young students or students with more significant needs. This leaves many students with mild to moderate autism out of luck. A new course I've developed for Atomic Learning focuses on tools that will benefit an often neglected group--secondary students with mild to moderate autism. You're welcome! I’ve gone through all the clutter so you don’t have to!

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