New Tech Integration Projects Recently Added to Online Training Library

Atomic Learning recently added four new tech integration projects featuring both Microsoft® Excel and Powerpoint® 2010 software. The online training library offers over 120 of these classroom-ready projects for educators. These projects can be used as-is to quickly integrate technology into the classroom, or easily adapted to a particular subject-area or skill level. Atomic Learning has also expanded its training collection to include tutorials on software features ranging from learning management systems to photo editing with this release.

A brief description of the new projects follows.

Family Connections – PowerPoint 2010 (
This project shows the process for creating a presentation (similar to a family tree) using Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010.  Starting with setting up the Slide Master template that is used for every slide in the presentation, educators learn the basic functions of PowerPoint.  Some different effects, such as adding sounds or highlighting are shown. The final step is to view the slide presentation and test all the functions of the buttons.

Geometry Crossword – Excel 2010 (
This project walks educators through the process of creating an example Geometry Crossword using Microsoft® Excel. The project shows how to add words in geometrical shapes into the cells of a spreadsheet — one letter in each cell. The last step shows how to save the puzzle as a template and learn how to print it out, in case someone wants to complete the puzzle on paper, rather than on the computer.

Meet My Mammal – PowerPoint 2010 (
The featured example project describes the process for creating the Meet My Mammal presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010. The project walks educators through building a PowerPoint presentation from the title slide to the final presentation with the topic of mammals to help students learn.

Party on Budget – Excel 2010 (
This tech integration projects walks through an example process for creating the Party Budget spreadsheet in Microsoft® Excel 2010. The first section of this project demonstrates how to enter and format labels and values as well as saving the spreadsheet. The final section of the project demonstrates the power of the spreadsheet in financial decision-making to students.

Other training added to the training library includes:

ANGEL 8.0 – Grading & Reports Training (
Dreamweaver CS6 – Creating a Web App Training (
Internet Explorer 9 Training (
Photoshop CS6 –Protecting Your Work Training (
Photoshop Elements 10 Training (

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