NEW TO ATOMIC TECHCORE! Fish Tank: Research, Writing & Presentation Lesson

The Atomic TechCore solution from Atomic Learning helps school leaders and educators plan and execute a solid road map for curriculum to meet the requirements of the Common Core State Standards.

New to the Atomic TechCore solution is the lesson entitled "Fish Tank: Research, Writing, & Presentation," which uses an online wiki to create a collaborative environment where students present and discuss information related to an allegorical story they have read. Students will learn Internet search techniques, as well as how to evaluate the information they find on the Web for credibility and accuracy. 

They will learn how to incorporate the information they find into their own posts on the wiki, provide constructive criticism to the posts of others, and accurately site their sources. Students will be encouraged to make connections and follow through on researching their own essential questions that lead to a better understanding of the underlying concepts embedded in this lesson.

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