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05 Nov

5 Learning Series for K12 Education You Didn't Know Atomic Learning Has

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Atomic Learning is constantly adding new learning modules addressing common challenges found in education today.  Here are 5 new series you may not have looked at yet:

What is an Effective RTI Process for Data Driven Instruction?
In this learning series, we take a look at one example for setting up a successful RTI program (Response To Intervention). An effective RTI program maximizes your use of time, while keeping the focus on data and differentiated instruction. This RTI system uses a single skill focus with simple to use data sheets to keep your collaboration and instruction laser-focused on what matters most, student growth.

02 Nov

A Message Can Be Life-Changing: A Parent’s Perspective

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Guest Post by Kim Juelke, Marketing Strategist

Like many of us with school age children, I recently attended my child’s parent-teacher conference. From day one I have considered myself fortunate that my child is in a classroom where each student is acknowledged and valued for what they bring to the world.

Working at Atomic Learning, I get to be part of helping educators create engaged, meaningful classrooms every day, yet the reality of seeing the results of such practices in my own child’s life is incredibly inspiring, motivating, and exciting!

Atomic Learning’s recent partnership with Angela Maiers has forever impacted me—as a parent, as a person, and as someone who cares about education. Angela’s message focuses on two simple words – You Matter. Words that not only deliver hope, inspiration, and purpose, but have the ability to transform lives.

30 Oct

Help Students Be Mindful of Security and Safety Concerns

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In a time when our society is becoming more and more aware of the importance of violence prevention and safety, Atomic Learning has partnered with Mindset Matters to offer resources to help students develop the key skills they will need to be mindful of security and safety concerns that the world around us presents them.

As a former educator who has taught at a school district that has had a school shooting occur, been a Higher Education administrator, and is the only daughter of a Corrections Officer, I have a very solid understanding of how the various aspects of safety and security awareness and prevention are critical for everyone in today’s society, where situations can become dangerous without warning. The Real World Safety collection gets to the core of safety and security awareness, prevention, and protection. From understanding how your body reacts to stress to threat assessment to handling social concerns related to safety, Real World Safety’s content provides real-world skills and knowledge with scenarios to help students feel more confident and understand how to handle various “sticky” or dangerous situations.

26 Oct

SketchUp for 3D Printing

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Who better to speak to the topic of SketchUp for 3D Printing than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series herself?

Guest Blog Post by Bonnie Roskes, eLearning Contributor

04 Sep

Differentiating Reading Instruction #differentiatedinstruction #reading

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Looking for a way you can maximize your efforts in differentiating instruction in the Reading classroom? Focusing specifically on the skill of Main Idea and details, this series will give you the strategies, tools, and resources for differentiating your instruction and utilizing guided reading groups to help all students learn. You will learn best practices for lesson set-up, assessment, ability grouping, differentiated resource use, whole class vs small group, and much more. Take a look today!

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18 Aug

Top 5 Courses Including Creating Infographics, Zipping/Unzipping Files, and more!

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Who better to share what they think is the best of the best than those who determine what content is added to the Atomic Learning library? Our eLearning team recently shared with us what they thought were some of the top courses recently added to the site. We've also included why they think this content is so cool--we hope you agree!

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16 Aug

Using Evernote in Instruction - Guest Blog Post

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Who better to speak to the topic of Using Evernote in Instruction than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series herself?

Guest Blog Post by Liz Van Kleeck, eLearning Contributor

Evernote is a suite of applications and services for note-taking and archiving. It’s perfect for students and teachers--since the Basic level is free--it’s Web-based, and it automatically synchronizes across all of your devices, including PC and Mac laptops and desktops, iOS and android smartphones and tablets, and on the Web.

14 Aug

Go Anywhere with Virtual Reality - Guest Blog Post

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Who better to speak to the topic of Virtual Reality in the Classroom than the eLearning Contributor who developed the new training series herself?

Guest Blog Post by Jaime Donally, eLearning Contributor

Virtual Reality (VR) has become more popular as the demand for wearable technology has increased.  The use of this technology in the classroom has deepened learning opportunities and increased student engagement.  The Virtual Reality in the Classroom workshop shows many different apps to create, share, and explore VR in the classroom. 

Using the Sphere 360 app, students can produce their own virtual reality experiences. Exploring collections and viewing locations all over the world has brought a sense of global connectedness. The use of the app lends for several opportunities in the classroom. Create a sphere of a scene and play hide and seek with vocabulary words, find pairs, discover images that start with the letter A, or search for obtuse angles. Consider using the app for preparation on the first day of school with spheres from the cafeteria, library, or playground describing the rules with each of the areas.  Imagine stepping into a sphere with class projects or the school science fair. Describe rock formations, view artwork, or write predictions based on the given scene are just a few ideas to deepen learning using virtual reality without ever leaving your seat.

13 Aug

Atomic Learning Users: Notice Anything Different?

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