National Disability Awareness Month Recognized

In recognition of National Disability Awareness Month, Atomic Learning is offering its Accessibility: It IS Important workshop at no cost for a limited time. The workshop is part of the Atomic Assist solution, providing over 5,000 online video tutorials on common assistive technology software and hardware to help educators support ALL learners.

Every educator impacts students, but are they able to effectively reach ALL their students? Anyone working with students with disabilities who fails to provide accessible instruction and materials is inadvertently building barriers to learning. To help bridge the gap, Atomic Learning offers an accessible instruction-focused collection of training.

The Supporting Accessible Instruction Spotlight was developed with these goals for educators:

  • Understand the requirements to provide accessible materials and assistive technology under IDEA
  • Understand how to meet those requirements as it relates to classroom materials
  • Practicecreating documents and forms that are accessible to students using assistive technology
  • Buildawareness of the barriers assistive technology can help students overcome

Atomic Learning is encouraging all educators to take a pledge to create accessible instruction. The pledge can be found here.

Just-in-time training on accessibility features build into Microsoft® Office, Apple® iPad™, Windows® and Mac operating systems is also included with an Atomic Assist subscription. The solution can act as a stand-alone or as a supplement to other Atomic Learning solutions, which include technology integration training, mobile learning resources, Common Core planning tools and much more.

Atomic Assist includes access to:

  • Just-in-time training on accessibility, assistive technology software and devices
  • Projects, Workshops and Spotlights focused on applying assistive technology
  • Evidence of Learning Worksheet for training reflection and implementation planning
  • Certificates of Completion to track training committment
  • Ability to upload custom training resources*
  • Reports to monitor progress and track user activity
  • Administrator tools to assign or recommend training to individuals or groups
  • Sharing tools to integrate resources into any document or Web page

Request more information or contact a representative for additional details and pricing on this cost-effective solution.

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