Myth: If you build it, they will come

Despite its effectiveness in the Field of Dreams baseball flick back in 1989, the motto “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t hold true when referencing technology initiatives.
It can, in fact, be disastrous.
Yet the headlines of ed tech publications and even national media are regularly plagued with headlines of failed 1:1, mobile, and other tech initiatives. And, while there are of course multiple factors that are contributing to the lack of adoption in schools, many of them come right down to planning and communication.
Simply doling out devices to teachers and students and expecting it to suddenly impact test scores is overly optimistic. There MUST be training and professional development—and not just on learning the basic “how-to” operations of the latest technology device, but specifically focused on helping teachers, students, and the school community understand how technology can be used to transform the learning experience by building lifelong skills that are included in multiple frameworks include the Common Core State Standards and ISTE® Standards among others.
Because of Atomic Learning’s deep roots in education, we understand the challenges districts face, and have developed a unique partnership with experienced Learning Facilitator Dr. Billie McConnell, to combine face-to-face learning with online resources to create a solid customized integration program for schools and districts, including:
  • Leadership Planning workshops to create a shared vision
  • Change Management training, including a Program Evaluation Instructional practice and technology-focused workshops
  • Teacher coaching and feedback with certification option
  • Mentor Development and Train the Trainer programs
  • Student and Parent online workshops to raise awareness
If you are looking to take your district to the next level and create tech-rich learning environments, make sure your teachers, staff, and students will have the skills needed to ensure your initiative impacts learning outcomes—and that your district doesn’t become just another headline.
Contact Atomic Learning today for details on how to create a customized plan to maximize student learning outcomes and return on your tech investment.

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