Mobile Devices Are Changing the Classroom

A recent article on states:

Educators embracing mobile technology have a competitive edge up on non-mobile adversaries in the quest to transform classrooms into personalized learning environments.

At Atomic Learning, we can't agree more. Mobile learning is about more than being innovative and bringing new technology into your district; mobile learning allows educators the ability to reimagine the classroom and revitalize learning.

Whether you are planning a 1:1 iPad initiative, in the midst of a BYOD program, updating from textbooks to eBooks, or using mobile technology to flip your classroom, one thing remains constant: your teachers, students, and parents need training to fully realize the power of mobile learning.

If you are new to mobile planning, or if you have a program you need to review, Atomic Learning can help your district with the technology training, professional development tools, and classroom integration guidance needed to succeed.

To get you started, Atomic Learning has created a free Mobile Planning Worksheet to answer some common questions school leaders face when considering a mobile initiative. And, when you’re ready to dive into the details of your mobile initiative, Atomic Learning is available to help. Our innovative solutions are designed to provide school leaders with online professional development resources and planning tools to prepare for and support a mobile initiative. Some of the many topics covered include setting a vision, planning infrastructure, and gaining buy-in.

Interested in learning more about how Atomic Learning can support your mobile initiative? Explore our solutions or request more information today!

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