Minecraft In Education - It's Not Just A Game

Guest blog post by Garrett ZimmerContributor of the module Minecraft in the Classroom


Much like the now old saying "There's an App for that", with educational technology: "There's a tool for that."  The big challenge we face is choosing the right one. While one tool may support a single lesson or a whole unit, it's rare to find one that supports everything. 

Minecraft is the phenomenon that has been recently taken the educational world by storm.  Minecraft can engage student's passion and help create a true sense of ownership of their learning.  The culturally relevant tool allows easy implementation of Game Based lessons while providing opportunity for kids to become increasingly passionate about their learning.

Many think of Minecraft as a game, but I think to call it a game unjustly limits its potential in our minds.  While Minecraft may have started as a Survival Game, it has turned into something quite unique.  Minecraft is one of the simplest and easy to grasp design tools that I've ever come across.

The program allows educators to design engaging lessons with a focus on the 4C's of 21st century learning (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) without sacrificing the specific content and curriculum that policy requires.  What's more, this tool is simple enough for anyone including the youngest of students to pick up and feel a sense of learning and accomplishment. The program also provides deeper development for students and teachers interested in more advanced aspects such as Game Design, Coding, 3D Art, STEM+ and even options for maker activities.

Because anything can be done in Minecraft, a starting teacher only needs to start harnessing the basics for immediate results in a classroom.  Leveraging the community created resources, student expertise and a supportive #minecraftedu community, students will quickly grow in the use of Minecraft for a practical way to learn any subject, unit, or lesson.

To get you started with the basics, I've put together an in depth module.  The video training module will give you all the tools needed to support your learning and growth in areas of Game Based Learning and Gamification with Minecraft.  Check it out today and start inspiring your class and lessons with this amazing tool.

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