Majority of survey respondents credit E-rate funding as critical to their success

As recently posted on the website, Funds For Learning has released results from its national 2012 Survey of E-rate Applicants. The results indicate a continued reliance on E-rate funding. Approximately 90 percent of respondents indicate that E-rate funding is critical to their success, but only 30 percent believe the program is adequately funded.

Do you agree? If you're looking for help in meeting the E-rate requirements for Internet Safety and Reporting, Atomic Learning's Keeping Kids Safe Online Spotlight provides professional development for educators and helps students learn how to navigate the Internet safely.
Today’s students must know how to interact with others online in social networking sites, in chatrooms, and when instant messaging and texting. Knowing how to protect themselves online from cyberbullies, online predators, and scams is important to ensure their safety and well-being while learning and interacting online. This collection of training helps administrators meet E-rate requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act.

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