Learning and Growing - Guest Blog Post

Guest blog post by Shari Fruechte, CAP-OM, Executive Assistant for Atomic Learning.

Learning, growing, and trying new things energizes me. Don’t get me wrong, just like most people after I commit to something new, I usually get a wave of “Oh no, what did I just get myself into?” However,  I’ve learned that message is also a good indicator that whatever I am about to undertake is a growth opportunity.

Those were my exact thoughts recently when I was given the opportunity to facilitate a Lunch & Learn based on some of our new soft skills training available in the Atomic Learning Career Skills series, Effective Listening. While I have attended Lunch & Learns before, creating the questions and being responsible for facilitating one was a new ballgame for me.

In addition to learning some new skills about how to be a more effective listener, I also was able to learn a few things about myself and my own learning:

  • Being responsible for creating discussion questions helped me be more aware of what I was listening to.
  • Effective listening is beneficial in all areas of life. Becoming a better listener makes for a better friend, partner, co-worker, manager, sales person, student, parent.
  • When you really pay attention to the message the other person is conveying, you can ask more detailed questions in addition to making them feel more valued.
  • Just like any other learned skill, if you want to become good at it, you must practice!

While we often hesitate to take time to learn something new for ourselves, it often blossoms into a learning experience for us, but also learning experience for others. Taking the time to watch the videos and sharpen my listening skills enticed a few others to watch, learn, and grow as well.

About Shari

Shari Fruechte, CAP-OM has enjoyed over seven years as the Executive Assistant for Atomic Learning. Her passion for continued personal and professional development has given her many opportunities to learn and grow. In addition to enjoying professional growth opportunities within the company, she also enjoys on-going personal growth taking courses in life coaching as well as working on her BA in Professional Communication. Shari is an avid runner and has completed one marathon, several half marathons, and one triathlon. She also holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

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