Learn How to Draw Your Own Game Art #elearning #edtech

You’ve got a great idea for a game. Maybe you’ve got the programming chops to code it all yourself. Now you need art. You can hire someone, but that can cost a lot of money. You can license art, but that might not give you exactly what you want. Atomic Learning has an online course that can give you the training you need to do some or all your app’s art production yourself.

Imagine being about to see a style of art or reference image and already knowing the steps to recreate something similar. That’s the true aim of this course. The wide range of topics in the course should make you feel confident enough to try illustrating any aspect of your game, be it the logo, hero, background or interface. We’ll even cover animation and discuss tips to exporting image sequences specifically for games.

This series was created by Cartoon Smart, a friend of Atomic Learning’s. Partners like Cartoon Smart enable us to provide a wide variety of content to our customers.

Intrigued? Check it out! Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information.

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