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Supporting the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities (Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia) and Cross Curriculum priorities (Intercultural Understanding)  


 Activities in Celebration of Chinese New Year  


The Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia Cross-curriculum Priority provides a regional context for learning in all areas of the curriculum. It reflects Australia’s extensive engagement with Asia in social, cultural, political, and economic spheres.

“This priority will ensure that students learn about and recognise the diversity within and between the countries of the Asia region. They will develop knowledge and understanding of Asian societies, cultures, beliefs and environments, and the connections between the peoples of Asia, Australia, and the rest of the world.”

The 10th February 2013 marks the start of the Year of the Snake and the start of the most important festival of the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year is celebrated in China and in countries and territories with large Chinese communities, including Melbourne and Sydney. To celebrate, we have suggested a few ideas to support teachers in celebrating the festivities with their students and in making significant connections with classrooms in Asian countries.

Suggested Activities:

Collaborating using Prezi

Students can make use of atomic Learning’s Prezi tutorials to research and share how the Chinese New Year is celebrated in Asian countries, noting similarities and differences in a range of localities. The tutorial on Inviting Others to Collaborate explains how to allow up to 10 students, or 10 groups of students to collaborate on the same presentation!

Global Collaboration: Information Literacy

Students could also connect with schools in other localities to research how Asian communities that have settled in other parts of the world celebrate Chinese New Year and make comparisons with Western festivals and celebrations such as New Year’s Eve and times for new beginnings. To support teachers we are previewing a series of tutorials on Information Literacy that will be launched in Atomic Learning in March. Learnology Education Consultant, Tom Halbert has put together a short tutorial from this series to support Australian schools in finding appropriate and relevant collaboration partners in Asia and around the World.

Storybird: Creating and Sharing Digital Books

Younger students can make use of the latest Australian tutorials to be added to Atomic Learning, using the visually stunning Storybird to create digital books explaining the properties of each of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The Storybird Tutorials also offer an example of a finished product linked to the Chinese New Year theme and explain how to embed finished stories into Learning management Systems and Wikis such as Life for sharing with an audience.

Concept Mapping

Students could also name the symbol of the lunar year they were born in and use a concept mapping tool such as Kidspiration to explore the qualities associated with each of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac before moving on to compare their birth sign with how they perceive themselves.

Google Earth: Creating and animated tour

Finally, students could make use of the ever popular Atomic Learning Tech Integration Project, Longitude and Latitude using Google Earth to create an animated tour Asian countries and Chinatowns around the world where Chinese New Year is celebrated.

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