ISTE 2013 Poster Session: It’s Not an iPad Initiative, It’s a Learning Initiative

If you're attending ISTE, you won't want to miss this poster session:

It’s Not an iPad Initiative, It’s a Learning Initiative

Wednesday, 6/26/2013, 11:00am–1:00pm, SACC Tower View Lobby; Table 37

Join our friend Carmen Garcia from McAllen ISD as she shares how the district's TLC3 program -- an innovative teaching and learning framework that leverages technology to give students the skills they need to succeed -- is bringing iPads (and the skills to use them) to the hands of students and teachers, impacting the entire McAllen, TX community.

More information about the presentation follows. If you're not attending ISTE, but still want to learn more about McAllen's TLC3 program success, download this case study.

Purpose & Objectives

McAllen ISD (Texas) is home to the nation’s largest 1:1 iPad initiative. However, that initiative is only a small part of a larger program known as Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community—TLC3. McAllen’s TLC3 program is an innovative teaching and learning framework leveraging technology and challenge-based learning to prepare students will the skills they need to succeed.

In this informative session, Carmen Garcia, Director of Instructional Technology for McAllen ISD, will share the vision of the TLC3 program and the district’s progress so far. Insights on how McAllen planned for the start of the program and iPad initiative, including providing training and support for faculty, staff and students, will be shared to provide other schools and districts an inside perspective on a mobile learning initiative.


Though the length of time spent on each topic within the session will fluctuate based on attendee interests and needs, discussed topics will include:

  • What is TLC3?
  • What are the initiatives successes & challenges thus far?
  • How is training & support provided?

Questions from attendees are encouraged and welcomed.

Supporting Research

Presenter Background

Carmen Garcia is the Director of Instructional Technology at McAllen ISD. She is passionate about her work with educational technology and has served as the Area 1 Director on the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Board of Directors.

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