iPad Initiatives Need PD

A recent blog post entitled "Best Practices for Deploying iPads in Schools"  gives advice to schools embarking on an iPad initiative. While the article gives some great ideas for a successful implementation, the resounding conclusion prevails:

Without professional development and a set plan in place, educators in individual classes might be stumped by how to set up iPads for different uses.

This is why Atomic Learning created the Atomichttp://www.atomiclearning.com/k12/mobilize Mobilize solution, a repository of online professional development resources and planning tools focusing on helping educators realize the full potential mobile devices provide in the classroom.

What Atomic Mobilize Includes:

  •     Planning for Success
  •     Logistics
  •     Ensuring Effective PD
  •     Leading Change
  •     Teaching Life Skills
  •     Classroom Management Strategies
  •     5 Minutes to Success
  •     Success Stories
  •     Adapting a Lesson
  •     Additional Lesson Ideas & Training

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