Infographic: The Science of Classroom Design

There's been a lot of buzz lately regarding effective learning spaces—classroom layout, color, noise (or lack thereof) and a variety of other factors can all have an impact on students' learning experience. As the infographic below points out, simple changes, such as how desks are arranged, can help encourage collaboration and discussion.

Be sure to check out the infographic and resources below for insights on making the most of your space.

Note: This infographic was originally posted on USC Rossier Online in an article by Michelle Manno.

Interested in learning more?
Recently, Dr. Robert Dillon (@ideaguy42) and Rebecca Hare (@RLH_DesignED), co-authors of the popular book, The Space: A Guide for Educators, created a dynamic online course for Atomic Learning that showcases the influence of physical and digital space on learners. Providing practical tips on how to design your space with intention, Bob and Rebecca walk teachers through a variety of questions that can result in deep changes in teaching and learning, including:

  • What are the first steps to transform your learning spaces?
  • What should you look for, where should you spend money, and where should you save it?
  • Which types of environments are worth creating?
  • Who should be engaged in the process?
  • How to cultivate a community to create the spaces learners need?

Current subcribers can access the course 24/7 at an Atomic Learning user? Request more information about accessing this course and hundreds of others today!

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